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Death Penalty Zombie Football (116,606 times)
Truck Launch Maniac (35,170 times)
Addit Blitz (34,133 times)
Black Beards Island DeLuxe (21,884 times)
Angry Birds vs Zombies (17,070 times)
Cat eating cake (16,404 times)
Puzzle Soccer World Cup (15,574 times)
SAS Zombie Assault (15,537 times)
Pool Master (15,471 times)
ADDiction (14,053 times)
Zuma pets (5,757 times)
Bear and cat (6,783 times)
Blue teddy bear coloring (7,352 times)
Cat reach the sun (9,723 times)
sweet cat (6,588 times)
Cat make chocolate (6,344 times)
Restless cat (6,094 times)
Hello Kitty car race (13,155 times)
Cat eating cake (16,404 times)
Cat dress up (6,185 times)
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    12 Many
    The screen will flash quickly. You will have a split seconds to observe the screen and count the number of stars on screen.
    (Played: 2,236 times)
    3D Desert Dash
    Move your desert speeder to get money and avoid obstacles. The boss is hard to beat. So beat him or die trying.
    (Played: 1,810 times)
    A-Blast - Liberation
    Flash remake of the old Invaders.
    (Played: 1,900 times)
    Agent Cool
    Fight off the alien invasion as Agent Cool.
    (Played: 1,916 times)
    Agh Zombies
    Its 2012 and doomsday is coming, Try to survive the apocalypse in London and slay as many Zombies you can!
    (Played: 2,570 times)
    Air Race
    Race around the air course making your laps and beating all the other air planes.
    (Played: 1,984 times)
    Air Shooter
    This nice and addictive game requires all you skills and attention. Though the task is rather simple.
    (Played: 2,103 times)
    Air Typer
    Fly, type, and blast them down!
    (Played: 2,498 times)
    Help this alien reach the top by jumping from different platforms above. Great timing skills needed.
    (Played: 2,089 times)
    Alien Clones
    se you mouse to move and shoot. If your shooting is sharp, you can earn extra points for shooting e...
    (Played: 1,815 times)
    Alien Exterminator
    An action packed RPG shooting game! Buy weapons and upgrades and head out to the fighting zone.
    (Played: 2,543 times)
    Alien Hominid
    Our UFO has crash landed, and the FBI is out to get you! Time to take them out!
    (Played: 2,081 times)
    Alien Invasion
    Try to shoot the invading aliens before they land!
    (Played: 1,460 times)
    Alien Showdown
    Destroy the nest to go to next level and stay alive.
    (Played: 1,555 times)
    Alien Wars
    Play Itchana Tchones!
    (Played: 1,710 times)
    Allien Invasion 2
    Another version of the game alien invasion!
    (Played: 1,694 times)
    Ally The Alien
    Help Ally fto find his friend on this dangerous adventure filled with complicated obstacles in outer space. Collect all 5 crystals and you get 1 extra life.
    (Played: 1,664 times)
    Alpine escape online
    Alpine escape online , for the kids the best games with escape.
    (Played: 2,532 times)
    Angry Old Wizard
    Collect all capsules and defeat all the ghosts!
    (Played: 1,462 times)
    Armadillo Knight
    Slash everything that comes in your way!
    (Played: 1,642 times)
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