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Death Penalty Zombie Football (116,493 times)
Addit Blitz (33,719 times)
Truck Launch Maniac (33,311 times)
Black Beards Island DeLuxe (21,834 times)
Angry Birds vs Zombies (16,914 times)
Cat eating cake (16,349 times)
Puzzle Soccer World Cup (15,504 times)
SAS Zombie Assault (15,473 times)
Pool Master (15,419 times)
ADDiction (13,815 times)
Zuma pets (5,672 times)
Bear and cat (6,702 times)
Blue teddy bear coloring (7,284 times)
Cat reach the sun (9,555 times)
sweet cat (6,529 times)
Cat make chocolate (6,271 times)
Restless cat (6,033 times)
Hello Kitty car race (13,088 times)
Cat eating cake (16,349 times)
Cat dress up (6,128 times)
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    Creepy Crossword
    Solve up this creepy crossword with questions that has something to do with ghosts and monsters. Have fun solving!
    (Played: 880 times)
    This high-tech crossword puzzle is a great way to catch up on current events!
    (Played: 991 times)
    Compose words...
    (Played: 970 times)
    Cube Delic
    Clear the bricks before it reaches the top!
    (Played: 851 times)
    Block sliding puzzle game in which you have to connect three or more of the same cubes.
    (Played: 856 times)
    You have to make all the cubes disappear to advance to next level. Play quickly to multiply your score with a combo bunos
    (Played: 900 times)
    Cups Game
    Guess which cup! Classic game cup confusion.
    (Played: 1,002 times)
    Cutey Cubes
    utey Cubes is a cute and addictive block stacking puzzle game. Place blocks in rows of four or more...
    (Played: 975 times)
    Deep Chamber Escape
    Use the right items and try to escape from this dark room under the ground.
    (Played: 987 times)
    Demolition City
    Love blowing up stuff? Show your planning and demolition skills as you blast buildings in the city.
    (Played: 1,252 times)
    Dessert Mania
    ave you always wanted to get buried under a flood of desserts? Desserts quickly appear on the board...
    (Played: 907 times)
    Diablo Tetris
    Tetris remixed with Diablo inventory items and a strange way of disappearing the blocks.
    (Played: 997 times)
    Doctor A.Tom
    his is yet another chain reaction game. Click on a molecule and it will break down to atoms, which ...
    (Played: 0 times)
    Play some good old fashion domino game.
    (Played: 968 times)
    Domino Knight
    Solve some domino puzzle to go complete every round.
    (Played: 983 times)
    Domino Knight 2
    Collect all three coins to complete every level.
    (Played: 985 times)
    Drawn Together: Cavity Search
    Retrieve the item inside the patient to complete their surgery.
    (Played: 1,032 times)
    Dream Pet Link
    Connect identical tiles to each other to clear the board. Click 2 identical tiles to connect them. Each connection can have no more than 2 turns.
    (Played: 1,706 times)
    Guide your player by setting directions to hit the goal!
    (Played: 872 times)
    Drop Blocks
    Detonate the groups of three or more same blocks.
    (Played: 1,010 times)
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