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Death Penalty Zombie Football (116,493 times)
Addit Blitz (33,719 times)
Truck Launch Maniac (33,311 times)
Black Beards Island DeLuxe (21,834 times)
Angry Birds vs Zombies (16,914 times)
Cat eating cake (16,349 times)
Puzzle Soccer World Cup (15,504 times)
SAS Zombie Assault (15,473 times)
Pool Master (15,419 times)
ADDiction (13,815 times)
Zuma pets (5,672 times)
Bear and cat (6,702 times)
Blue teddy bear coloring (7,284 times)
Cat reach the sun (9,555 times)
sweet cat (6,529 times)
Cat make chocolate (6,271 times)
Restless cat (6,033 times)
Hello Kitty car race (13,088 times)
Cat eating cake (16,349 times)
Cat dress up (6,128 times)
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    n this game you need to hatch all eggs you have in the level. To do so you need to use hatching mac...
    (Played: 862 times)
    Escape Artist
    Escape the room via a secret hidden door whose pieces are hidden and scattered through out the room.
    (Played: 880 times)
    Escape Chesnut Room
    This is an exciting escape room challenge. Collect clues that will help you escape the room.
    (Played: 907 times)
    Escape Library
    Explore the library and find a way to stop reading and escape!
    (Played: 918 times)
    Escape The Ecru Room
    Can you Escape this room? Look for the clues for your escape in this kitchen.
    (Played: 1,200 times)
    Help the Eskimo to get home!
    (Played: 859 times)
    Factory Redux
    A fun skill game! Complete finished items per day at the factory, we provide the products, you'll provide the brains!
    (Played: 969 times)
    Fill Up
    A good challenging flash puzzle game with a nice graphic!
    (Played: 899 times)
    Flash Pipes
    Fill in the blue squares with pipes to keep the green ooz flowing through the pipe.
    (Played: 1,048 times)
    Another cool remake of the classic arcade game tetris.
    (Played: 1,122 times)
    Flip Me Out
    Test how fast you can watch Jack move.
    (Played: 876 times)
    Flower Power
    Match 3 or more flowers clear them. If the watering can runs out of water the flowers take over and you lose.
    (Played: 949 times)
    Food House
    Use your mouse to connect similar foods before the time runs out.
    (Played: 878 times)
    Food Mahjong
    Original Mahjong game. Instead of the Chinese symbols the cards show foodstuff.
    (Played: 1,088 times)
    Forklift Kid
    Think fast, act fast! That’s the only way to get to the exit!
    (Played: 907 times)
    Free The Mouse
    Help this mouse escape his cage. Use the objects you find.
    (Played: 1,075 times)
    Frog Mania
    Eat all flies with your frogs!
    (Played: 960 times)
    Fruit Fall
    Cleaver little game where you rotate fruit in a maze and try to group them together. Web version of a Wii game.
    (Played: 860 times)
    Fruit Fun
    Have fun matching the fruit shapes. Just drag the fruits in the moving rack and complete the puzzle in time.
    (Played: 909 times)
    Fruit Puzzle
    In this mouse-driven logic puzzle game you have to cluster the fruit symbols. Attend to not confuse your current pair of fruits with the previewed fruits!
    (Played: 1,019 times)
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